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Enhance your lifestyle in a rich energy environment.

Agorà Gym is a gym born from the passion for extreme training, looked after by real athletes who demand the best.

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Agorà Gym

Equipped room for individual training from the beginning to a professional level.

Personal Trainer

Customised training service, constant support from a professional.

Choose the best

Saty fit even on holiday

A space to never stop training.

Our consultation is always in sync with your strategy

Plan your workouts even during your stay in Jesolo by choosing a gym that is only a few steps away from the sea.

Customised solutions

Do you think you have little motivation?

To achieve results in strength, muscle development and improved physical performance.

Motivation, is not enough.

  • It will be easier, In a friendly environment, to create the habit of going to the gym.
  • Having the opportunity to discuss with experts.

  • Having the opportunity to fit training in the gym into your daily routine.

Increase your strength

Develops muscle power. Overcome your limits, recommended by experts

Test your discipline

Begin a journey that will enrich your days. Stay focused towards your goals

Stay fit

Maintain a healthy lifestyle. Get more energy to get through your daily life at best


Inside Agorà Gym Jesolo there is the new EASYPLUS dispenser of Acquacom!

During training to recover, you can refill your exclusive water bottle at the dispenser, reducing the consumption of plastic bottles and accessing a wide choice of water with different qualities.

Solutions to compensate for the loss of minerals and vitamins that occurs with sweating.

Microfiltered, alkaline, magnesium water or isotonic energy drinks in different flavours: Peach and Maracuja, Green Tea and Mint, Raspberry and Lemon and many more!