Weekly entrance to Agora Gym Jesolo

Weekly entrance to Agora Gym Jesolo

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Weekly entrance to Agora Gym Jesolo

Do you want to train during your one-week holiday in Jesolo Lido? A weekly subscription to Agora Gym is the perfect solution for you.

With this subscription, you can train for the whole week at an affordable price. The weekly subscription gives you access to the gym whenever you need it, without long-term subscription obligations and whenever you like.

Agora Gym in Jesolo offers opening hours that can be adapted to your lifestyle, whether you need to work out at the crack of dawn, during the day, or at dusk. Whether before heading to the beach or in the evening, the Agora is always there for you!

But how much does the weekly admission to Agora Gym cost? Weekly admission to Jesolo’s Agorà Gym costs 30 euro.

Agorà Gym opening hours in Lido di Jesolo

Do you need more information about opening hours, costs or services offered by Agora Gym? Don’t hesitate to contact us for all the answers!

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